Monday, 11 October 2010

Remote Viewing.

Remote viewing, or remote sensing, as you are not literally viewing the target, you are perceiving it, is the ability to witness events or places without actually being there.

For years now, The United States government studys remote viewing,  using it in several operations, creating teams of remote viewers for national intelligence, ect...

What's more bizzare? The results were positive.
Countless experiments had reports of 70% accuracy and above, MUCH more than chance or the law of averages would allow.
So how does it work?

The generally accepted idea of remote viewing is that you use your subconscious to tap into one "Collective Unconscious" More commonly referred to as "The Matrix". The collective unconscious is basically a huge library of everything that has happened, and everything that will happen. You use your own unconscious to tap into this to get the information you want, then sketch down that information in a rough abstract drawing, using ideograms, colours and senses.

Basically, I started this blog to introduce the general public to the subject of remote viewing, so you can tell someone that you are interested in Remote Viewing with looking like a total nutcase. It's an amazing ability, and more people should be more open to the idea. That's all i'm going to say for now on this blog, but expect daily posts...

If you would to help build up a Remote Viewing community, Please join this forum: .

- Irvine.